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Taste Club App

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How does it work?

How does it work

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the app

  • Is the Taste Club app free to download and use?


  • Is it available for Apple and Android phones?


  • How do I download the Taste Club app?

    You need an internet connection (wifi or 4G) to download the app.

    Search for ‘Taste Club’ on the Apple app store (iphones) or the Google play store (android phones).

    Once the app has downloaded you can either:

    1. Skip all registration and use the app to scan, shop and checkout (skipping registration means you will not receive loyalty points or offers)
    2. Enter your existing Taste Club login and password and immediately benefit from personalized offers and collect loyalty points as you go
    3. Register to become a Taste Club member on the app to benefit from loyalty points and offers

    PLEASE NOTE: When you first register, it will take a few minutes to load all the products. This is part of the app installation – for all future shops there will be no waiting time.

  • Do I need to be on wifi or 4G when I’m shopping?

    No. But to see the latest locations, prices and offers it is better to be connected.

    You can use Warner’s Budgens’ wifi for free in any store. There is no password so you will automatically connect to the wifi in all Warner’s Budgens.

  • Where can I use the app?

    You can use your Taste Club app in the following Warner’s Budgens stores:





Taste Club Membership FAQs

Shopping list FAQs

  • Do I have to use the shopping list?

    No you don’t, this is an optional feature however, many people find it useful for the reasons below.

  • How does the shopping list work?

    The Taste Club app shopping list allows you to:

    • Create a shopping list and add to it at your convenience
    • Your list will automatically rearrange itself into the correct order based on the layout of the store and will guide you to each item on your list, one by one, so you'll never waste time looking for things you can't find.
    • Easily locate those difficult-to-find products - simply type the product you’re looking for into the shopping list and it’ll tell you where it is in the store
    • Make multiple lists to help with planning e.g. create your Christmas shopping list weeks or even months in advance
  • How do I create a shopping list?

    Tap ‘Shopping list’ on your homescreen or tap the ‘List’ icon at the top of the screen.

  • How do I shop using my shopping list?
    1. Tap ‘Start shopping’ on your homescreen or ‘shop’ in the dark green bar at the top. This will automatically arrange your shopping list into the order in which the products are located in the store.
    2. The camera on your phone will now act as a barcode scanner.
    3. The first product will appear at the top of your scanning screen e.g. Broccoli, Aisle 1, Left.
    4. When you have located the broccoli, hold your phone over the barcode on the product or on the barcode on the edge of the shelf. You do not have to press anything, your phone will automatically scan the item and add it to your checkout list. The product at the top of your scanning screen will slide off the screen to indicate that you have successfully scanned it. You can put the product straight into your bag.
    5. The next item from your shopping list will now appear at the top of your scanning screen. This will be the item closest to you in the store.
    6. If you want to buy something that isn’t on your list, simply scan it anyway and it will be added to your checkout list.
    7. When you have scanned everything on your list, go to the checkout. There is no need to unpack your shopping, just scan the QR code next to the till and pay the cashier as normal.
    8. Your e-receipt will be sent straight to your phone.