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Use your Loaf!

Support local bakers during Real Bread Week from 6th - 14th May and enjoy better bred bread!

Warners Budgens Taste Club Warners Budgens Taste Club
Real Bread Week was created to support bakers who still bake bread traditionally. By definition, ‘real bread’ is bread, of any kind, that is made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives. Bread only needs four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt. Any other ingredients are unnecessary. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy an exciting loaf – the addition of seeds, nuts, cheese, olives, butter – ie. natural ingredients – are all acceptable additions. Real bread is also about traditional production methods, longer fermentation times, and an emphasis on using local ingredients.

At Warner’s Budgens, our fresh bread from La Parisienne is a fine example of Real Bread. Baker Thierry Paulin and his team work through the night to bring us the most delicious bread every morning, bread that’s full of flavour, with a satisfyingly crispy crust and true bread texture. There are over 20 varieties to choose from, but here are our best sellers…
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Use your Loaf!

La Boule Paysanne

A crusty wheat and rye loaf showered in sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Use your Loaf!


A stone ground wholemeal flour loaf raised naturally with wild sourdough and baked in a wooden basket for a rustic flavour.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Use your Loaf!

Granary Bloomer

A deep, crusty loaf made with white flour and added malted wheat flakes for a nutty flavour and texture.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Use your Loaf!

Pesto & Olive Focaccia

A traditional Italian white loaf baked with rosemary and olive oil with an olive and pesto topping.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Use your Loaf!

Seeded Wholemeal

Tasty wholemeal bread with added sesame seeds, malted wheat flakes and sunflower seeds.

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