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Welcome from Guy Warner

Welcome from Guy Warner

Dear Taste Club member,

What I love about high summer is that meals can be made from the simplest of ingredients. Top quality locally-sourced meat whacked onto the BBQ; a handful of home-grown salad leaves with a homemade dressing; freshly picked fruit with a dollop of ice cream; all washed down with a good locally-brewed beer. Summer is simplicity at its finest!

The best thing is you don’t have to go far to find these ingredients – locally-sourced meat is the star of the new butchery at our Moreton store and you can discover what our new butcher, Tim Grazier, recommends for the BBQ this summer. The shelves in all our stores are full of home-grown vegetables and salad items – see Seasonal Flavours for some inspirational recipes. Freshly-picked plums from Hayles Fruit Farm are jostling alongside freshly-picked strawberries, ripened peaches, nectarines and apricots, all beautiful served with a spoonful of good quality ice cream – see Dream Ice Cream for our favourites.

Quench your thirst in the hot weather with one of our best-selling local ales or pick up the latest Aloe Vera super juice for FREE with Free Taste. And don’t forget to enter this month’s prize draw to win tickets to our favourite summer event– the Moreton Show – see you there!

Best wishes

Guy Warner
Store Owner