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FREE Taste: previous comments

Giving us a flavour of what you think...

Cotswold Farmer Farmhouse Gold Sausages – 6 pack

Tasty but very tough skins. Thank you.

Jeffrey Porter

Very tasty.

Tessa Webb

Very tasty and enjoyable. Thanks.

Wendy Major

Very enjoyable. Will definitely try some more.

Sylvia Nicholson

Loved them, good meaty sausages. We'll buy them in future.

Derek Smith

Delicious - will buy again.

Doug Eyre

Tasty and well-sized!

Emily Bristow

Excellent from a good supplier will buy again

Rosemary Fletcher

Very tasty and not much fat I will be definitely be purchasing them again.

Helen Elvins

Great tasting sausages, very meaty.

Patricia Wilson

Loved them, will buy them again. Good high meat content.

Susan Good

I have often bought these sausages which we find very tasty so was very pleased to be offered a free pack.

June Sena

Sausages of distinction and very enjoyable ...

Leslie Simon

Very tasty. I was very pleased that they were free. Usually forget about freebies but rang Winchcombe before I went as Broadway didn't have them the previous day.

Catherine Newman

Very nice sausages, we buy these and other Cotswold Farmer products.

Colin Fairman

Full of flavour and quite delicious.

Susan Robbins


Teresa Murphy

Made a wonderful tea on a wet day, very much enjoyed them . Thank you

Eileen Mitchell

Delicious, thank you.

Tina Whitcombe

Very meaty. Taste good and natural. No excess fat whilst cooking. Would recommend for quality and flavour.

Caroline Blythe

Fantastic offer and very tasty. The kids loved them.

Lee Gray

They were extremely tasty and I will definitely buy them next time I need some sausages.

Trevor Green

Really great sausages. Local & tasty. My new favourites, will be buying again.

Farnaz Donovan

I love these sausages! Will only buy these from now on.

Paula Kedward

Absolutely fantastic. I am constantly on a quest for delicious sausages and these are extremely hard to beat. Never disappointed with these sausages. The offer of a free pack was very, very generous and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Cotswold Farmer and Warner's Budgens.

Kim Carter

My husband loved them.

Yvonne Jelley

Up to the usual standard! Very tasty and no gristly bits though they did shrink quite a lot during grilling.

Alison Carter

Sausages were tasty but I found a couple of pieces of gristle in them. I found the skins/casings a little tough and rubbery.

Brian Cobb

We thought that these sausages were some of the best we have had for a long time, looking forward to having some more.

Jana Daffurn


Patricia Johnson

Excellent sausages and a generous free offer

John Ward

Delicious. Meaty, tasty and no gristle

Elizabeth Turner

Ok , bit tasteless to be honest !!

Sarah James

Firstly, a very generous free taster, also thought the sausages very nice, meaty and not fatty, (I prefer to cook all sausages skinless). I have had their meat products before and found them really good. Would buy the sausages again.

Alan Barker

Couldn't try it, they are not gluten free

Ursula Cootes

Smashing! I put the sausages in a toad in the hole and they were juicy and delicious. Will definitely buy them again.

Edwina Smout

Very tasty and filling but a little bit pricey.

Helen Sherman

Tasty and meaty. Enjoyed the free sausages but not sure I can afford them every day.

Pat McGraghan

Absolutely delicious! Full of flavour and very meaty. Best sausages I’ve tasted for a long time. And locally produced too! I’ll definitely buy them again.

Hester Morris

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Zoe Hopkins