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Seasonal Flavours

Laden down with flavour, late summer is the best time for sun-ripened foods…

Warners Budgens Taste Club
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


This versatile vegetable is in abundance in summer and is consequently found in lots of Mediterranean dishes. Fry it in garlic oil to toss with pasta, lemon and feta, slice it with aubergine for a ratatouille, dice it into a light minestrone soup, or bake it into muffins and courgette bread. The smaller the courgette, the tastier – the larger ones turn into marrows with a much blander flavour.

Try this: make a tasty side dish by chargrilling courgette strips soaked in olive oil, chilli, salt and pepper. Toss with lemon juice, mint, basil and a glug of olive oil before serving.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours

Corn on the cob

From late summer, these golden cobs are bursting with juicy, ripe kernels. Try to use freshly picked cobs as the flavour and texture deteriorates with time. The best way to cook them? Simply boil them for a good 10 minutes, with no additions! Toss with full fat butter and a good twist of salt and pepper. You can finish them off on the BBQ but be careful not to dry them out.

Try this: for a Mexican take on corn on the cob, mash the butter with lime zest and chilli before adding to the corn. Serve with extra lime wedges.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


The original ‘super food’, blueberry sales have gone through the roof in the last five years with suppliers looking for ways to keep up with demand. Blueberries are suitable for growing in the UK, with those grown in colder climates having a much more tangy flavour. They are versatile little fruits, thrown into pancakes, porridge or natural yoghurt for breakfast, baked into muffins or polenta cakes for afternoon tea, or even whizzed up into smoothies and milkshakes.

Try this: see Chef's Table for a delectable Blueberry Cheesecake recipe from Russell’s of Broadway…

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


A key flavour in hundreds of recipes, tomatoes in this country are at their best towards late summer when they are pumped full of the summer sun. Roasting tomatoes brings out their flavour, otherwise choose lush, plump tomatoes on the vine for salads and cold dishes. When choosing tomatoes, pick ones that feel heavy for their size as these will probably be full of juicy flavour, and smell them – no smell suggests no flavour!

Try this: a cherry tomato and mozzarella salad is a delicious light summery lunch and so easy to throw together. Choose the freshest, ripest tomatoes and combine with balls of mozzarella, torn basil leaves, a good glug of finest olive oil, a spoonful of balsamic vinegar and a twist of salt and pepper.

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