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Seasonal Flavours

Give your meals a healthy dose of green…

Warners Budgens Taste Club
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


Frozen peas are a family staple but it’s when the fresh young peas come into season that the kids get really excited! Can there be anything more satisfying than sitting around the table, popping peas on a warm, sunny day, snaffling a few as you go? It doesn’t even matter if there aren’t enough to make a meal from – think of it as a happy, healthy, on the go snack!

Try this: enjoy the fresh, green flavours of new peas with a feta and pea salad. In a bowl, crumble feta, add fresh peas and a few spinach leaves. Top with chopped mint and dress with olive oil and lemon juice – mix well.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


There’s a world of difference in the taste of fresh, firm cucumbers and those overly large, slightly soft cucumbers you can get all year round. A good cucumber should have a pleasing crunch, a delicate flavour and a skin that doesn’t cause you any problems. To keep cucumbers at their freshest, chop from the end where the stalk was attached to the plant.

Try this: a cold cucumber soup is a summer pleasure – simply blend chopped cucumber with chopped shallot, chopped garlic, Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, and a combination of herbs – dill, parsley and tarragon or mint work well. Add olive oil, season and refrigerate.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours

Runner beans

Also known as string beans, are easy to grow at home and are definitely best eaten freshly picked – older beans can get a bit tough so eat them while they are in season. Choose beans that have no brown spots and that have a good snap. To prepare, finely slice them on the diagonal or use a bean slicer, then a quick boil or steam – serve with lashings of butter and garden mint.

Try this: create a summer garden risotto by adding in this season’s freshest ingredients at the end of the cooking period – runner beans, fresh peas, asparagus, complemented by a little salty feta or Parma ham.

Warners Budgens Taste Club - Seasonal Flavours


The crimson root of the radish plant is crisp and crunchy and a joy at this time of year – imagine summer picnics with a bowlful of radishes and a little celery salt to dip into. Fiery and peppery, they are also a good addition to liven up salads – finely slice and throw into a bowlful of lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cucumber.

Try this: make a French radish sandwich by spreading Boursin or cream cheese over seeded bread. Top with quartered radishes and a handful of lambs lettuce.

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