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Warner's Budgens Taste Club Warner's Budgens Taste Club
From local farmers’ markets to international drinks brand, Bottlegreen’s story shows you can enjoy global success while staying true to your roots (although it helps if Delia Smith is a fan too!)
Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  1. How did Bottlegreen come about?

    Bottlegreen was founded by husband and wife team, Kit and Shireen in 1989. They started out making wine and decided to use their wine-making skills to make a soft drink using the abundance of local elderflowers. They started selling our famous elderflower cordial at the local farmers market in Stroud. In the early 1990s Delia Smith featured the cordial in a recipe which took the brand from local farmers' markets to an iconic supermarket brand!

    Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  2. Where are your drinks produced?

    We're proud of the fact that despite being an international brand our drinks are still produced in the heart of the Cotswolds. All of our products use natural Cotswold spring water, sourced directly from the site.

  3. Where do you find your elderflower and other fruits?

    The reason Kit and Shireen started producing elderflower was due to the prominence of them in the area. Local people used to help us to collect elderflowers to make our drinks, so we really are a brand with local provenance!

    Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  4. Why do you think elderflower has become such a popular drink choice?

    Elderflower has a light and delicate floral flavour which is unique to any other fruit or herb used in most other soft drinks. it complements a wide range of foods, making it perfect as an accompaniment to a meal and is also known for its use in cocktails.

  5. How do you keep innovating?

    We strive to find the most interesting and high quality ingredients for our products from around the world. We are proud to deliver globally inspired, unusual and exciting flavours to our customers. Try our ginger and lemongrass pressé and cordial for a taste of the exotic.

    Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  6. What makes Bottlegreen different to other soft drinks brands?

    All our products are cold filtered rather than pasteurised which removes all sediment and this is what delivers Bottlegreen's unique crisp, pure taste. We also use Cotswold spring water from the site of our factory in all our products.

  7. What is your most popular/best-selling drink?

    Our heritage is elderflower and we tend to find this is the flavour most consumers are familiar with. That said, our drinks portfolio is so broad that there is something for everyone.

    Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  8. Which of your drinks should Warner's Budgens customers try next?

    Pomegranate and Elderflower cordial; exotic pomegranate and fragrant elderflowers come together to create a delicate, subtle, yet refreshing drink.

  9. How should people best enjoy your drinks this Easter?

    Our pressé is perfect for pairing with food. It's lightly sparkling so doesn't fill you up and the flavours are delicate to perfectly complement any meal. Our cordials work perfectly in cocktails - try adding a dash of elderflower to your gin and tonic in the evening!

    Warner's Budgens Taste Club - Bottlegreen Drinks
  10. What's next for Bottlegreen?

    We are always looking at ways to improve our existing products and develop exciting new flavours. Watch this space!

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