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Warners Budgens Taste Club
This Christmas sees the launch of the first ever Cotswolds whisky and early reviews are that it’s a corker. Luckily, Dan Szor, the visionary behind Cotswolds Distillery has supplied us with a limited number of bottles, but it’s first come first served! Call into our stores now for your chance to get your hands on the Cotswolds’ first ever whisky…
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
  1. How did Cotswolds Distillery come about? 

    The company was formed by Dan Szor, a native New Yorker who had been living in France and the UK for many years. Dan had been a big fan of Scotch whisky for a long time, but it goes further than enjoying the taste of the spirit itself – the whisky world is about visiting distilleries, learning the stories behind products and sharing experiences with people. He was really keen to replicate that in the Cotswolds, and build a destination distillery that would let people really get to know us and our products. We now get 25,000 visitors a year and our tours have seen us named the #1 Thing to Do in the Cotswolds on Tripadvisor.

    Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
  2. People don’t normally associate the Cotswolds with whisky – describe the journey that got you here…

    Dan began seriously thinking about starting a distillery in 2012, and found a site just a couple of miles down the road from his house. It was derelict, with just the shell of the two buildings in place but he saw its potential and set about transforming it into a full-scale distillery. The whole distillery kit was designed and made by a very famous company called Forsyths in Speyside in Scotland. The kit was installed in July 2014, and the first production of whisky and gin began in September 2014 – we’ve been producing our outstanding natural spirits ever since.

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    Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
  3. Why make a Cotswolds whisky?

    Why not? The region has a fantastic agricultural heritage, with brilliant farmers growing perfect barley for malting, a famous maltings not too far away (Warminster Maltings, near Bath – Britain’s oldest working maltings) and lots of visitors who might like to come and see a distillery in action. But it also has some fantastic innovative small businesses, and it feels like we fit into the community here perfectly – we’re using really traditional kit, preserving age-old techniques but also introducing some fresh thinking and creative drive. It’s the same energy that was behind movements like the Arts & Crafts movement that had its heart here in the Cotswolds.

    Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery
  4. What will surprise most people about the whisky?

    How mature it is, despite its young age. In whisky, age and maturity are not the same thing although they’ve been conflated by the industry for a long time. Maturity is about balance, depth of flavour, smoothness – and all that can be achieved in very little time if the spirit you distil is flavoursome and smooth, and you put it into the very best casks.

  5. Describe the whisky

    It’s a rich and deeply fruity single malt whisky, that manages to be light whilst also full of flavour.

    Warners Budgens Taste Club - Cotswolds Distillery

Images kindly supplied by Cotswolds Distillery 2017

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