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Drink of the month: Weekend Cocktails!

Locally made liqueurs are the ideal mixers for these summery cocktails…

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On the Rocks

Monkhide Hazelnut Liqueur


Made using home-grown Herefordshire hazelnuts, this liqueur is wonderfully smooth and nutty. It is best stored in the freezer and poured cold over ice – a fine after-dinner drink with a long, satisfying finish.

Spritzer with a twist

Monkhide Cherry and Vanilla Wine


For a lovely, long summer drink, add this sweet and refreshing wine to a chilled glass of white (or prosecco). The wine is made from Madagascan vanilla pods and homegrown cherries and has a gorgeously vivid rosé hue.

Long Island Tea

Tipsy Fruit Gin Seville Orange Liqueur


With its tangy orange notes, this liqueur is a locally made equivalent of Cointreau and a fine addition in a classic Long Island Tea. Combine with equal amounts of vodka, Bacardi, gin and tequila, top with cola and a generous drizzle of lemon juice.

Cherry Fizz

Monkhide Cherry Liqueur


Produced from fully ripened cherries steeped in fine Napoleon brandy, this is a smooth and fruity liqueur. Add lemon juice, sugar and soda water to transform it into a summery cocktail that fizzes with life.

Raspberry Royale

Tipsy Fruit Gin Raspberry Liqueur


Tingly on the taste buds and refreshingly vibrant, this shocking pink raspberry liqueur is perfect mixed with sparkling wine for everyone’s party favourite. Top with a fresh raspberry for extra pizazz!

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